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Adobe Flash Ends A Decade Late

Matthew Louisville Cloud – SEO – Web Design Google Announced in September 2019 that it was phasing out support for Flash from its Chrome browser following Adobe;s announcement that they would end support in 2020.  Apple users wont likely hear much about the end of Flash, in 2010,  Steve Jobs wrote a scathing review of […]

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Cloudflare DNS and CDN With WordPress High Availability On Google Cloud

cloud502com Cloud502 Key Components & Services There are two custom services running on the deployed machines that are essential for the solution to function properly. These services are ​gcs-sync ​(running on WordPress instances – both Admin and Content) and ​cloudsql-proxy​ (running on the SQL Proxy instances). The ​gcs-sync​ service runs a script ​/opt/c2d/downloads/gcs-sync​ that, depending […]

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SEO: How long does it take to rank #1 on Google?

cloud502com Cloud502 It Takes About 3 Months To 6 Months To Rank #1 On Google In the world of politics everything seems to be able the last week of an election, after that its over.  In the business world you have to keep going after a certain defined date to remain in business.  Political SEO […]

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